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The Wall Part 1

Here are a few pictures of small pieces of graffiti I have taken on my recent travels around Eastern Europe and Turkey.

There was no real pattern to the graffiti I saw except for its ubiquity. It seems that people everywhere have the same need to write something or leave a piece of themselves on a wall. It’s amazing how people around the world use the walls around them to express themselves, communicate with others and prove their existence.

What can we learn from the walls around us? From taggers to writers to artists like Banksy, how will the wall evolve as a medium of communication? How will the idea of a wall empower communication in a blind and dense world?

Life in Shanghai through a Holga lens

These pictures were taken from February through March 2012 and captures random snapshots of daily life. The lens was attached to a Samsung NX100 camera (which was designed in part by us at IDEO!)

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